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Testimonial 5

Please print this email off and give it to Gary as well. He has been as wonderful as you have been. Oh and your receptionist is a sweetheart as well. I loved the coffee! And also thanks for saying I'm a sweet person and nice 🙂 I can be a little shy and a text freak but I can pay attention in the office still. Lol!

Lol take care and I'm sure I'll see you in a month.

Testimonial 4

I will totally recommend you to everyone. Because nice people that really go out of there way for me really means a lot. There's not very many people out there that take there jobs above and beyond and I can tell you and Gary are very nice people and it shows in your coustumer service. I feel very lucky that I came into see you the first time and didn't walk away with nothing.

Testimonial 3

The car is great! I went driving all day yesterday and got use to it. Everyone is so proud of me and loves it. I also showed it to my boyfriend and he was very impressed and loves it. He even said he will go get his license back. Before, he never really had a reason but now he does. I said I was sorry we didn't get the Lancer but he didn't care. He just wants to make sure I'm happy with my new car.

II named her Sophie! Lol

Testimonial 2

When I first came in I wasn't expecting to get such a great deal. And I don't know much about cars so I was a little worried that you guys may talk the car language and I would have to do the "nod and smile". But you guys explained so clearly and so well that I understood everything. Boy is that a relief! And you really went out of your way to not give up on finding me an insurance company that would work well with me. And I even got a good deal with than as well! Gary can explain it all to you if he hasn't already.

Testimonial 1

Hey Bruce! I just wanted to thank both you and Gary for your wonderful hard effort into helping me with my new car! Words will probably never explain how thankful and shocked I am for everything you have done. This is the best costumer service I have "EVER" truly had. You guys are so great. And I can't forget to mention nice and sweet!