Pre Approved

Pre Approved Loans

We welcome all applications at Pre Approved Nova Scotia. We are able to process both prime and subprime loans. Our staff are experts in all aspects of the financing field and will work with you to get an approval which allows you to shop with confidence. Our response times are quick and we treat your information with complete confidence. The online application is short and if we require more information one of our representatives will contact you. We work with more lenders than most and are able to match your needs with the ones that can offer the best terms to meet your requirements.

Just like any purchase that you would make or funds you need you have to know how much you have available and what you can comfortably afford before you commit. Our trained friendly staff will do detailed budgets based on your current income and expenses to ensure the payment is within your comfort level. Let our experts make the process easy, we have many financing options and can tailor terms and conditions for you!

Just click and apply online there is no obligation and its easy, convenient , fast and secure!